With A Bird's Eye View Coaching


I am honored to have clients who work hard, achieve their goals and are willing to dig deep to uncover their own potential.  Here are some testimonials from just a few of my wonderful clients.


“I don’t think there are enough letters in the alphabet to properly express the gratitude I have for Brenda and her services.  I have always been a driven business woman, never afraid of hard work, BUT I could not have reached the success I have without the game plans and strategies developed with Brenda’s insight.  It is her “Birds Eye View” of my business and goals that allow her to develop a plan of action for me and my business.  Her services are invaluable to me and my success for my stamping business, and I would recommend Brenda and her services to everyone who need help with finding a direction to push their business to the next level!” – E.


“I have worked with Brenda for about 8 months-she was invaluable as I developed my brand and went about developing the systems to support it. Her knowledge of web development, advertising, broadening my customer base, marketing and more were crucial tools for me as I launched this phase of my business. She was my cheerleader when I doubted myself, when I had successes, and, most importantly, when I was beyond frustrated with my “technology issues.” I highly recommend her as a business coach!” – K


“When I filed for divorce and realized that I would have to somehow return to work with two little kids I panicked.  Brenda has helped me break things down into pieces that I can tackle comfortably and always gets me back on track when I start to think there will be no end to this madness.  Since working with her I have moved, started my own business and have managed to carve out time for my children and me to have harmony and happiness.  I call Brenda my lifeline and am grateful that she’s shown me what I am capable of.” – A


“I have been working with Brenda Crawshaw for almost one year now and it is the best business decision. I have ever made. I am very thrilled with the work Brenda has done with me, she kicks my butt when I need it but is very kind and caring. She know where we are coming from because she has a stamping business of her own.

Getting coaching with Brenda has helped me to learn all the ins and outs of my business, and Brenda has encouraged me and made me realize that I can be successful in my business.

Thank you so much Brenda!” – B


“Brenda’s coaching has helped me take my business to the next level.  I really enjoy her sense of humor and encouraging attitude!” – C


“Brenda is awesome!  She makes it clear from the start that it’s about you and what you want to tackle.  She helps you keep your focus, managing or mastering one aspect of your business instead of trying to add everything at once.  She celebrates your successes and then helps you move on to the next.” – S


“I love the way Brenda gently takes the ‘unobvious’ and makes it ‘obvious’ to those she is coaching.   What enlightenment and aha moments she shares.” – B


“Brenda has helped me begin to overcome some fears of success.  She’s helped me have the courage to try new things.  I’ve always been pretty “advanced” in the computer world, but she’s pushed me past the fears of trying things in the internet/blogging world.  I’m still learning, but her encouragement and support and guidance has been WONDERFUL!” – G


“When I first chose Brenda to be my coach I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my business and I put some major restrictions on her.  I didn’t just say, “I don’t want to do…. (whatever she suggested); I said, “I will not do….”  She said if I was uncomfortable with something, did I know why.  We were able to work through some of my hangups and I was able to consider some of her suggestions.  When I started with her as a coach I was working full time and she would make suggestions for getting things done for my stamping business. She was never pushy, but always very helpful.  I kept my notes and now I’m retired and able to work on my business.  I’ve begun putting her suggestions into effect and having my first class next week.  Brenda is a great coach and I recommend her without any qualms whatsoever.” – B