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What is a Personal Brand and Why Do You Need One?

When you think of a brand what comes to mind?  A logo?  A slogan?  A name of a company?  None of those are actually “brands”, they are representations of brands.

A brand is a promise you make to your customers, the impression you want your public to have about you.  So why is branding important to a person (as opposed to a company)?  A personal brand can provide you with an instant connection to potential employers, clients, peer groups, even to make friends.  It can help you express your passions and values and can help create a lasting impression on those you meet.

So in this first post in a series on Personal Branding, I am going to give you some thinking points for which you will make some notes and take the first steps to identifying YOUR personal brand.  This requires a lot of self analysis but when completed not only helps you create your personal brand but can also be very enlightening in helping you identify potential goals for things you want and need to have in your life that will be fulfilling.

So first, think about what you really need and want.  You need shelter; perhaps you want an open space with little clutter.  You need food; perhaps you want to start eating more fruits and vegetables. Start making notes about what you need and any related wants.

Now list your interests and passions.  What do you love to do?  What do you wish you could do?  What is the one thing you just can’t pass up?

Now list your strengths and values.  What are you particularly good at doing, even if you don’t love doing it? What are your core values? What values do you want to be known for?

Next, what is your background?  What are your educational experiences?  What are your work experiences?  What do you bring to the table that is unique?  What skills do you have that make you stand out?

And last, and this can be a challenge for some people to ask for, what are the first words people think of when they think about you?  Do they find you always helpful?  Do they love your sense of humor?  Are you known for your laid back vibe even when chaos swirls?  Ask people around you.  And don’t worry if what you hear back isn’t all positive; no one person is always “on” and as human beings, we have the luxury of being able to modify how we present ourselves.

Now, look for patterns and connections in all these notes you have.  As you start to see the same things popping up, note them separately.  These are the core of your brand.

Hopefully, the things you see emerge will be positive and reflective of what you wish to portray.  If not, don’t panic!  Knowledge is power and the more you know about how you are perceived the more you have the power to reiterate or CHANGE that.  And we will talk about that more in the next installment in this series.

You don’t have to do this all at once.  In fact, sometimes allowing questions to bounce around in your head over a couple of days will yield information you weren’t even aware was floating around in there.  Spend some time on this project – this is your opportunity to craft your brand and allow it to establish your presence for years to come.

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Go be awesome!



Do you believe you have the power within yourself to achieve everything you want? 

Everyone – everyone – has the power within themselves to achieve what they want. Yes, that sounds like the overleaf on the latest self motivational book.  However, it is true. It’s just a matter of uncovering and utilizing our own inner energy and talents and that’s where a Coach can help.

You know you are smart enough to have what you want, right?  And you know you have talents and skills that outshine others.  If you took everything you bring to the table and had a plan to align it all to go for what you want, do you think you would be anything other than unstoppable?

This is what I do as a Coach.  I start with YOUYour vision, your goals, your talents and your knowledge.  We look at your strengths and those areas you want to improve and I help you put together a plan that gets you what you want.

So stay tuned, visit often and feel free to reach out with questions and I will do whatever I can to help!