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About Coaching

So, what is “coaching”?

A simple way to describe coaching is that it is a process where a coach and a coachee partner together to explore, identify and clarify the coachee’s goals and desires.  When you coach with me, we start by identifying exactly what it is that you want from your job, your life, yourself and use those desires to help you set your goals.  I then help you identify both the obstacles and resources you have and together we create a strategy – a road map – for you to achieve what you want.

Coaching is not therapy, consulting or mentoring.  Coaching with me is all about helping YOU to uncover your own potential and achieve those things you desire. You set your own goals and I help you be accountable to yourself.  I do not give you solutions but help you discover what you possess that creates your solution.

I am a firm believer in the philosophy that if you give a man a fish they will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he will eat forever.  When clients come to their own realizations and do their own work, they set the framework for repeated success.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than when one of my clients says “I did it and I did all by myself!”, because, yes, yes they DID!

Coaching can help you get what you want and deserve from your life.  Just choose a slot open below and let’s explore how we can make that happen for you through a free first session!