With A Bird's Eye View Coaching

About Brenda

I am a Certified Professional and Whole Life Coach with a thriving practice of people who are all seeking changes in their lives.  They are:

– Starting or growing their businesses
– Improving their circles of influence or performance at work
– Reinventing their own paths or creating new and improved lives for themselves
– Recovering from broken relationships

I have always been a coach, even before I knew what coaching was!  For example, when I worked at one of the largest Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals my department had a HUGE turnover rate – usually NOT a good thing! But when I took a closer look I saw that most of my staff who left had promoted within the hospital.  One of the things I loved the most about my position was helping my team members set and achieve goals that gave them greater satisfaction in their positions.

At The Crawshaw Group, we are focused on helping you navigate the challenges of running your business from helping you identify what it is that you really want, developing a strategy to break larger goals into manageable and achievable steps, identifying the best technological options available, and acknowledging and celebrating your successes so you can build on those on your own as you evolve.

I know that talking to a stranger about your business can be awkward. So I offer a free Strategy Session so we can both figure out what it would be like to work together.  Here’s my promise: when we conclude this free call, there is ZERO obligation moving forward and you will never hear from me again.

Click on the link below for access to my open spots and we can get started with a free session that will give you a taste of what coaching with me is like. I look forward to learning more about your story and how we can work together to get you what you want.

https://calendly.com/brendacrawshaw/50min  SAY: Open Brenda’s Calendar