With A Bird's Eye View

About Brenda

I am a Certified Professional and Whole Life Coach with a thriving practice of people who are all seeking changes in their lives.  They are:

– Building businesses
– Reinventing their own paths
– Recovering from broken relationships
– Creating new lives for themselves
– Seeking greater satisfaction and gratification

I have always been a coach, even before I knew what coaching was!  For example, when I worked at one of the largest Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals my department had a HUGE turnover rate – usually NOT a good thing! But when I took a closer look I saw that most of my staff who left had promoted within the hospital.  One of the things I loved the most about my position was helping my team members set and achieve goals that gave them greater satisfaction in their positions.

So I sat down and dug right down to the heart of it. And I realized that I am happiest and most effective when I am being of service to others and helping them identify and achieve goals.

My business is called “With A Bird’s Eye View” because while YOU are the sole expert on your own life, as an outsider, I have a bird’s eye view into the challenges, obstacles and difficulties you may be facing.  Using our combined views we will identify your clear path and create a road map to get you what YOU want from your life.

Just choose a slot available below and we can get started with a free session that will give you a taste of what coaching with me is like. I look forward to learning more about your story and how we can work together to get you what you want.