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Gifts From the Heart

I am sure many of you are, like me, in the throes of that annual fun/stressful/joyful/chaotic/excited/not sure exercise of finding the “perfect” gifts for the people on your list.  I used all those descriptors because for many people all of the above apply all at once.  Because we gift everyone in our lives at one time, it can be overwhelming in terms of options, procurement and budget.  Of course, the endless ads in the media don’t help, right?


Do you remember when I asked you to think about what people should be thankful for in YOU?  Did you note or do you recall those things? If those are truly the things for which people are thankful, why not give them MORE of what they value the most?  I know that the one thing I want from my family members is more time with each and every one of them.  Yes, I love the thought and care they put into choosing things for me that they know I will love and use and honor, but if those things disappeared and “all” I got was time to share with them, I would be as thrilled.


So this year, instead of making yourself bananas searching for a parking spot at the mall, slogging through the crowds, waiting in line behind the one person who wants to pay with a check, reflect on the things that the people around you cherish about you and gift THAT.  For instance, if a group of your friends all say they love your sense of humor, gift them with a casual dinner party at your house followed by a few rounds of a game that makes everyone howl.  If you Aunt is so grateful to you for the times that you have to take her out and about, give her a booklet of 12 coupons for lunch and a stroll at her favorite places, one for each month.


Yes, this has been said many times before.  No, this is not an original concept.  But it has been shown over and over that giving of yourself is most appreciated by the recipients.  It demonstrates that you value that person’s feelings enough that you are willing to invest the one thing that is all you; your time.  It shows them that you recognize what they value and you are honoring that by giving them more of it.  And by giving people more of what they truly want – you – you exponentially increase the good in the relationship.


Make your list of people whom you would like to gift this year and before you plop down with a pile of catalogs, look at the list and determine who on that list deserves the absolute BEST gift this year – YOU!