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Being Thankful

This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US.  If you were an alien from another planet and this was your first experience here in our country you might assume that we sacrifice turkeys to the gods of holiday shopping.  But as we learned at a very early age, this is a day to express our thanks and gratitude for all our blessings.

Some people list those things for which they are grateful; good health, a satisfying career, loved ones, etc.  Some people express their feelings of gratitude to one another around the table, in cards, on Facebook.  Some people list those things in a specific person – a spouse, a parent, a child – for which they are grateful.

I would like to suggest you add something to your annual inventory of blessings.

I would like you to consider what it is about YOU for which people are grateful.  When people consider you during this season of thanks giving, what things do you do or represent for which they are appreciative?  What things do you want to do more of?  What things do you want to be known for?  (See previous post about branding!)  What do you appreciate in others that you want to model?

Reflect on the ways in which you bring joy, comfort, peace, companionship, humor, support.  As you do this, you will start to see in yourself AND in others many more things for which you can be grateful.  And it is in being grateful that we experience the wealth the world has to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving!